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I wanted something special for my fortieth birthday. Wandered over to courgardating.tv to see what’s there. I found a gift by the name of Jack for the celebration.

Emily T., Limerick, Ireland

A cougar is old enough to play but not all wrinkled or anything. I’m old enough to play at 28. This is where the sexy cougars find their guys. Great site.

Conor W., Waterford

The wee lassie had no good moves. I went hunting cougars at cougardatingcafe.tv. This laddie found a beauty. She’s got experience and mind-blowing moves!!!

Daniel, Galway, Ireland

Males over forty didn’t want to try new things. I want a younger guy to learn the Kama Sutra positions with. Hope there’s someone waiting at cougardatingcafe.tv who wants to share…

Sarah L., Newry, Ireland

I found out cougars rock! One night and I’m hooked. Coleen is up for anything. We got together at the dating site and I gotta thank you for helping. She’s the bomb.

Sean O’Henry, Cork, Ireland